Sandil Health & Beauty Care is into the field of body contouring and fat reduction. Sandil uses the world-renowned and FDA approved CoolSculpting Technology for fat freezing.

Sandil’s CoolSculpting equipment is all new and is recently imported from the US.

The CoolSculpting prices in western countries are very high. In light of this, Sandil aims to provide CoolSculpting Services to its consumers at very cost-effective prices, here in India.

Sandil believes that being in the right shape certainly boosts up one’s self-confidence.

In order to bring people in the right shape and make them look their best, Sandil engaged a good team of very professional doctors who are well trained to perform CoolSculpting procedures.

Rest assured that once you decide to avail the CoolSculpting Services at Sandil, you will never regret your decision.